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Belmark Shelties Is located on a few acres in the center of farming country. We have lots of space with fruit trees and a grape arbor. Above all it is peaceful here with kids in swings and shelties running to their hearts content, what more can you ask for?
We are a small hobby kennel established in 1986. We limit our numbers to about 25 adults, so that we may spend plenty of time with each one. we have an ample kennel building 35' x 20' in which our dogs are housed. They are crated at night and have free access to a large 50' x 75' grassy exercise yard. We also have 13 indoor/outdoor runs, please see our Kennels Page for more details. These runs come into our insulated, heated building on concrete, for easy cleaning. We also have a large yard the length of the building; 50' x 50' in the front where the dogs can also run and play. This yard also has kennels that come out from the building where they can all be separated if need be. This yard also boarders our driveway on the rear side so they have plenty of opportunity to meet and greet. It also has shade trees and a swimming pool in the summer for play and relaxation. On the side there is a 20 x 20 area that opens up to the rear door of the kennel building. Both entrance sides have awnings installed for shade in the summer. The whole kennel is fenced at every entrance and all the runs open to the inside of another chain linked area. The whole kennel on the outside is on gravel, except for the play yards that have grass.

A lot of time and thought has gone into designing and putting together our home and kennel.

What you can barely see here is the chain link fence that we installed. It encloses the whole property. All of our pens (except for the play yards) are double or triple  gated with 6' high chain link kennels for maximum security. I am a stay at home mom, so I am able to spend lots of time with the dogs. They also take turns in the house as space and time allows. We usually have up to 10 (excluding puppies) in at a time for socializing and playtime.

This photo of the kennel building was taken in 2004
Now this front yard you see is enclosed in a large play yard for the dogs.
The yard comes out from the kennel to past where the tree stands, it is about 50' wide x 50' long.

In the house we also have two puppy/grooming rooms where our puppies are raised and dogs are kept indoors. We spend a lot of time here grooming and having fun with the babies. The front room is converted from our den, and the back room is attached to the garage. Both go out to the same wooden fenced area pictured below.
I make sure that the dogs have their shots up to date, that they get Frontline  Plus or Advantage as flea preventative and Interceptor or Iverhart Plus (we routinely rotate these for better strength) as heartworm prevention, monthly. All dogs are micro-chipped and every dog gets home time monthly.



Click here to see more views of our kennel facilities.

Puppies are whelped in our living room, in an extra large airline crate, where they remain for close monitoring until 2 1/2 weeks of age, when they are transferred to our puppy room in a 4' x4' enamel coated wire playpen that is off the ground and lined with a thick layer of newspaper and lots of shredded papers on top to keep the puppies clean, dry and comfortable; here they get more socializing from kids and visitors. We have three 3' high 13' x 4' chain link indoor/outdoor kennels on gravel outside our back puppy room where the older puppies go while not in the house and before entering our grape yard harbor pen pictured on our Kennels page. Also this side entrance, (shown above) is fully enclosed with a 6 foot high privancy fence all around (the chain link portion shown has been replaced), and measures 50' x 50'. This is a great shady area with trees and serves as a nice sized play yard for our house dogs.



Here are pictures of our puppy room

As the puppies grow, they get used to every day household noises, sights and sounds, different experiences, lots of room to play and run and plenty of kids to play with. At this time mom takes longer breaks from the pups. Our puppies are allowed to explore their surroundings quite a bit and allowed monitored play periods with the kids. This ensures well adjusted, self confident companion puppies as well as future show dogs.


Our home's back yard, chore time.......
All show puppies will be shown a handful of times by a year of age to get them accustomed to the ring and then brought home to grow up and mature. 
When ready, they are sent out with a handler. We do show ourselves as well but prefer to send them out with the pros, they can do a better job. And our time is better spent taking care of the ones at home. Our main objective here at Belmark is to enjoy our dogs. My husband and I have four young boys: Toban is 16 years old, Deven is 14, Aaron 11 and Justin is 8 and our new addition Kristen is just over  ayear. The older boys help with the daily chores and are true animal lovers, specially Toby who has such a sweet loving touch with all the dogs. The kids are animal lovers and take an active role everyday!!!

The children are the best puppy socializers, as well. They ensure that the puppies being raised are exposed to every possible noise! I have seen a drastic change in the boldness and fearlessness of our dogs after the kids arrived. I have been  told by many puppy buyers that their puppies
arrived at their new homes with impressive self confidence which lasted well into adulthood.

Belmark Shelties est. 1986 has bred or owned Specialty Best of Breed winners and All breed Best In Show winning Champions as well as many that are active in agility, obedience and other activities. I would like to thank all of those who have shown their Belmark puppies and made us proud. We were blessed with some beautiful puppies this year and hope to get them out with handlers when fully mature.

We know that with the room we have in our home and kennel as well as all the room we have to expand we could keep many more dogs, but that would take the joy out of what we enjoy so much. I love doing this and hope that I will be able to continue to do so for many years to come happiness each and everyday, I see it in me my husband and kids. I suppose if it ever became a chore we would quit but I don't see that happening. People ask how "long have you been doing this", and all I can say is......well as long as I can remember I have been in dogs since my mother bred dogs before I was born. I have been very much blessed and hope to continue to service the breed and the people that I deal with now and in the future.

Now that I have rattled on so, I hope you'll still have time to visit with us and see our shelties. Please come regularly as we will be updating these pages all the time. Your comments and questions are gladly welcome!

Me above, thanks for visiting


We strive to have happy healthy dogs that live full joyful lives.........


As a pup I dreamed and wondered
What life would hold in store:
For ME, I thought, there's something GREAT
Beyond that kennel door.

Out there are needy people
And I have much to give:
Love, and wit, and gentleness,
To help them learn to live.

I'd be someone's protector,
Keep little ones from harm,
Or guide an old man's weary steps,
Or help to run a farm.

I'd run and bark and jump and play
With friends along a sandy shore.
I'd roll in meadows thick and green
That lie beyond that kennel door.

I lay here waiting-longing,
As the days and years went by;
My owner kept me fed and brushed,
But inside, let me die.

I do not think of greatness now,
I'm old and filled with pain.
My owner has some ribbons,
But I have lived in vain.

I cannot think what could have been,
My dreams are filled with hope no more,
Just floor and walls and broken heart
For me behind this kennel door

               by M. Kummer

Puppy Room
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