Above is a view of our puppy yards. Here is where our little ones go to play on nice sunny days. This yard is close to the house and easy to see from most windows, for close monitoring. It has a feeding station, Little Tikes play equipment and is often full of puppy tug toys and squeakies. It is also on gravel about 8" thick and fully fenced with wire on top as well. The bottom half of this pen also is double fenced to ensure that nothing comes in or goes out.


Here is another view of the same pen where you can also see our side yard, where the puppies can play on grass to develop their sensory organs, and also where they can dig and chase each other. It is usually filled with ramps, pools and other larger toys too. These are changed all the time to allow the puppies to experience different objects. All toys are cleaned weekly.

We are also very proud of our newly renovated indoor/outdoor kennel building.

Here is a view as you just walk in to the kennel. We have new AKC welded wire kennel panels on the west and east side of the building that goes out to 20 foot under cover runs. The building has fresh concrete with drainage along the back side of the runs for ease of cleaning.


This building has 8 ventable windows, three fans and eight other lights above the kennel runs for plenty of light. The door at the north end opens to a connecting yard behind a stockade fence. All our runs are behind one or two other fences for security and ease of care. And four cameras monitor the grounds and kennel.


This is the view of the front entrance of our kennel. Here you can see our grooming and washing area, crates for feeding, cabinets and sink, food bins, wall heater, cabinetry for towels, and other necessities, and hose for washing of kennel runs. This building is about 35' x 20', a block building that is fully insulated and has a metal roof. The lean-tos cover the gravel runs on each side of the kennel. Then they open to grassy play yards on both sides, that measure about 50' x 75' in the rear and 35' x 60' in front.


Also the whole property (about 2 acres) surrounding our home is fenced with 4 foot high chain link with gates in front and back so that the dogs can freely run with no worries. Lots of thought and time has gone into designing and building our facilities and grounds. We have many more plans for our home yet this year. Our goal here is to make sure that not only are the dogs safe but that they are happy and their lives are full of fun and good memories. We spend a lot of time of each day playing with the dogs and enjoying each other's company. I would like to thank you for taking the time to see what we have done here so far and hope that you will continue to visit with us and see how we continue in the future. There are many new exciting plans and lots on my wish list.
Agility equipment is next..........

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