eyes CERF normal, hips OFA Good

Summer is my son's pride and joy! "Every kid should have a dog like Summer", my son says.....
This blue dynamite is happy, absolutely bold and outgoing with a knock out type body and a lean clean head piece. She is flashy, eye catching and an excellent mover. In limited showing Summer has garnered more than enough points for her Canadian title. This little girls makes herself seen! We just love her, although retired Summer will stay with us forever!

"Summer" has the same pedigree as "Quill", Ch Integra Indelible Ink Of Merridon. A multiple ASSA and Westminster Award Of Merit Winner and over 4 Times CC. ( Century Club member) !

Puppies below are Summer babies!


 Ch Alfenloch Ryan O' Neil ROM,
 Ch Alfenloch Whirlwind ROM,ROMC
 Ch Cub Hill Steel Wheels ROM   Ch Alfenloch Tatum O' Neil
 Ch Cub Hill Bankers Hours
 Ch Cub Hill Early Morning Rain
 Ch Merridon Covewind Stockbroker   Ch Cub Hill Monday Morning Blues
 Ch Alfenloch Ryan O' Neil ROM
 Ch Alfenloch Whirlwind ROM,ROMC
 Glen Corry Keepsake O'Lanbur  Ch Alfenloch Tatum O' Neil
Mainstay The Red Neck
 Mau-Land lady In Waiting
 Ch Mau-Land Chance For Glory,CD
 Ch Banchory  Peerless ROM
 Ch  Tall Timber Far Out Frisco ROM
 Ch  Tall Timber Tom Terrific  Tall Timber  Sierra Tango
  Ch Tall Timber Regal Air
 Tall Timber Barefoot Contessa
Bach Blue Brat  Tall Timber Hot Toddy
 Ch Macdega Deniro ROM
 Brecon Oak Crest Jet Black
 Oak Crest Black Brat   Brecon In Basic Black
 Oak Crest Smoke And Fire
 Oak Crest Visions In Blue
Monarch Bi Moonlight

   A Dog And A Kid
No one will invent and no one ever did
A happier pair than a dog and a kid.
For doubt can't bedim nor can worry befog
The gay zestful way of a kid and a dog.
Athrob with adventure, their hearts beat as one
Their pulses resurge with the rythm of fun.
They swing into action as impulse may bid,
"Today is the day" for a dog and as kid.
Oh God, clear the pathway along which they job
And smooth out the bumps for a kid and his dog.
And make of the world that the wander amid
A place truly fit for a dog and a kid
Berton Fraley


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