Puppy Room

We have been asked by puppy buyers how we raise our puppies and where they are housed in our home. We felt these were important and necessary questions that we should answer with a pictorial of our puppies first few weeks with us.  Pictured here is our Puppy Room/ Living Room. As you can see with picture below they are right in the center of our daily lives and family. Here moms stay along with babies while whelping and for the first few weeks, until they are on their feet and start eating solids. These pens are raised with an open top for easy "puppy pick up". They have a solid cleanable bottom consisting of a fluffy made to order mat that holds a heating pad. The pen has bumpers to keep babies safe and mom and babies have food and water accessible 24/7.


As they grow older and start working on weaning, they transfer to our green room. Please click her to go to our About Us page and see our green. Here we have larger pens about 4 x 4ft  on tile floor with shavings for the puppies and a doggie door for mom to the outdoors. Here they also have a cot, room for toys, and more playtime with each other. They learn here to use the doggie doors for outdoor potty time and are then exposed to different surfaces and noises. Puppies are allowed to run through the house as well to promote socialization with kids, older dogs, and to learn to investigate everything. Toys are always scattered across the floor and puppies are constantly on laps.  We also during this time make sure they have experience with grooming and table training. The grooming room is also attached to this room, this is very convenient for keeping the puppies and their environment clean and well kept. All the puppies are fixed special moist meals when young and then graduate to hard puppy food at about 6 weeks. We are very concerned that they have the correct, happy and well kept upbringing that will make them wonderful members of a new family or possible show dogs. All puppies are raised the same way which has proven to produce some wonderful well adjusted adults. We are very fortunate to have the space in our home and property to raise puppies right. Thanks for visiting with us.



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Puppy Room
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