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Standard crates: $65.00
On left; These are PetPorter Deluxe crates, 200 size. They will accommodate your older puppy or adult sheltie. These are the crates we use for our own dogs when shipping or traveling. Similar puppy crate is available for $40. This crate would be appropriate for a puppy 2 months old puppy.

Wire crates: $40.00
These crates shown have two latches a carrying handle and removable pan for ease of cleaning. These crates are great for the home and not intended for shipping.
No shipping available on crates alone


X-pen: 24" high $50
 30" high $60
These galvanized black x-pens are great for home and travel and fold flat to take anywhere. Perfect for housebreaking a young puppy. Can be used outdoors or in. For puppies or adults. Pen has 8 interlocking 24" wide panels for many configurations. Can also click two pens together for even larger area.
* Used x-pens are available


Leashes and Collars: single color leads $5.00, multi colored fancy ones $10.00
Puppy collars are $4.00
These multi color collars and leashes are great starters for your new puppy or dog embarking in their new journey. Colors may vary depending on availability. These can be purchased in person or sent with the puppy by air. Postal Service shipping is also available for $4.00


White face chalk: We are now offering this high quality, soft, brilliant white face chalk to the show breeder exhibitor. Our face chalk goes on smooth and is clearly better than the ones sold at shows. You will get two chunks of about 3" size each. will reduce price for quantity order of three or more sets. $10.00 + $5.50
Ear Training: For those that have puppies that needs work with their ears..... here are some products that I hope you find useful.

Val-A glue: This is our favorite product for gluing ears. This is the best glue we have found to set  puppies ears. $8.00 + $5.50 shipping

Zo-eze: Here is our favorite glue remover..... this can be used to remove the glue or any other adhesive, it dries with no residue.
4 oz. $12.00 as shown + $5.50 shipping
2 oz spray bottle also available $7.00 for ease of use.

Ear Training Package: This will include the Val-A glue, and Zo-eze. $19.00 ( $14.00 with Zo-eze spray bottle) + $6.50 shipping


Potassium Permanganate:
Is a great product to color/touch up the sable dogs coats, after a scissor mishap or if it has been unfortunately chewed by another...... this purple powder when mixed with plain water can be painted/brushed into the coats to match their existing sable color, and dries color fast.  Sold in twist close container as shown, 2 oz. $12.00 each + $5.50 shipping. A little goes a long way.

AI Kits: We have put together these packs to help the hobby breeder obtain the equipment necessary for artificial insemination of their dogs. These kits can be kept for home use, sent with your bitch for breeding, or kept in the tack box to have on hand while on the road.
Each kit includes:
3- 10" breeding tubes, which are sterile and individually wrapped.
3- collection cones
1- tube of lubricant jelly
3- 12cc syringes
3- pairs of sterile gloves
The cost of each kit is $25 and will cover either one bitch with three breedings, or if you want to sterilize the equipment between use  - could cover three separate bitches or more. Add $5.50 for shipping, additional kits in the same package $1.50 more shipping each

These items can be shipped for free with the puppy or picked up in person.
If you need us to ship them separately shipping charges above will apply.

Ship all checks and money orders to:
Bella Thompson
7806 County Road 11
De Graff, Oh 43318

Or pay by PayPal or Google. Contact us for more details on either method if you need.

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