Individual Sitting: is one person one dog: the fee is $100. You will get about 30 pictures...sometimes more or less depending on the dog and your needs. All digital. The best pictures 1-4, can be digitally enhanced and then all pictures will be placed on a USB and sent to you. The initial fee covers all expenses and you will have a few dozen pictures of your dog to use at will. You own the rights and you keep the proofs.


Group Rates or numerous dogs, two dogs one person $175. Now these are individual dogs with separate photos. If you would like two dogs together for one session or you want just some pictures with an additional dog or two in at the end that is still just the $100. you bring them ready for photographs.
If you get a group together of 3 or more people, the rate will start at $75 per dog, dogs must be ready for pictures.

*Flash* Sittings can be done at shows as well,
check to see what shows we will be at.
Show rate is $50 per dog.

PE-mail us with any questions:
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